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by Cha Miñoza June 25, 2020 3 min read

Streetwear fashion has come such a long way since it first got popular. The subculture has evolved from being a rebellious movement in the 90s to now being a luxury fashion statement. A decade ago, streetwear was meant to convey a somewhat distressed look that’s meant for the urban streets. No one really expected that it would reach the high fashion runways.

luxury streetwear supreme

Today, luxury streetwear is everywhere and has become the choice casual look of many fashion lovers. If you are in the mood to reward yourself and do a little splurging, add these luxury streetwear brands to your list:



The name Supreme has become synonymous with streetwear fashion. This highly popular brand, founded by James Jebbia in 1994, started out as a small skateboarding shop in SoHo. The store’s main customers were people who were into the skate scene. Supreme became known for their contemporary style that often features logos and graffiti. The brand was popularized even more after successful collaborations with popular brands like Nike, Vans, Comme des Garcons and Louis Vuitton.


Known for bold and sometimes even controversial designs, Vetements has cemented itself as one of the best luxury streetwear brands right now. The name Vetements (pronounced vet-mahn) means “clothes” in French. One of the items that helped the brand skyrocket to fame is their DHL shirt that first appeared on the Paris catwalk in 2015. The shirt, which showcased the famous DHL logo, was very simple and had an anti-fashion, 90s-influenced look. It was priced at a whopping £185 but quickly sold out and went viral, earning Vetements more fashion points.


If you are into streetwear fashion, then you must already be familiar with the Off-White brand and probably have this on your wishlist too. Created by talented designer Virgil Abloh, Off-White is considered as one of the hottest streetwear labels of the moment. Loved for its cool graphics and tongue-in-cheek design, Off-White clothing perfectly showcases the culture and vibe of modern luxury streetwear.

Commes des Garcons

Commes des Garcons is definitely a stand-out brand that makes waves in the fashion industry. With a high-fashion, avant-garde concept, this brand draws inspiration from Japanese culture, street fashion and the runways. While the Commes des Garcons brand was started with these in mind, their design has evolved into more contemporary lines too. Aside from statement-making pieces, Commes des Garcons also has basic, wearable pieces with that heart logo that we all know and love.


Kanye West has always had an interest in fashion. The rapper is not a stranger to wearing clothing that piqued the public’s interest. In 2009, the Yeezy era began with a Nike collaboration, which was a huge success. Years after, Yeezy switched to Adidas and released the Yeezy Boost 750 in 2015. Thanks to its cult following, the brand grew at an impressive rate and has now become a household name. The Yeezy brand expanded and also created a clothing line that takes inspiration from the streets.   

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