3 Kinds of Streetwear Jackets You Should Invest In

3 Kinds of Streetwear Jackets You Should Invest In

Building a streetwear wardrobe is pretty much the same as building any other kind of fashion wardrobe. You start with basics, collect more pieces and then after awhile, you will have a whole collection to get you through the year. One of the most important pieces to add to your collection is a streetwear jacket.

Outerwear is an essential part of building a street style wardrobe. If you are serious in putting together a strong wardrobe that can take you from season after season, you might want to invest in two or more high-quality outerwear pieces.

A stylish streetwear jacket is a super effective accessory that can express personal style and culture. It can definitely add major style points to your look. If you have the budget, then by all means, have fun splurging on different styles. But if you want to shop smart, only splurge on items that you know can use for years to come.

Here are the 3 kinds of outerwear you need in your streetwear wardrobe:


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The hoodie is a classic piece that has long been loved by many.  Characterized by a hood with an adjustable drawstring, this outerwear is a go-to clothing item for many. Hoodies are often made of very comfortable material, which is one of the reasons why it is so popular. In the past, hoodies were mostly plain. Today’s streetwear jacket hoodies come in more eye-catching designs and materials. Graphic arts, statement logos and avant-garde details have become this era’s design standards in streetwear jackets.


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Bomber jackets are popular not just in streetwear but also in other genres of style. It just looks good anywhere, so it is such a hot item. With a cropped hem, zip or button closure and knitted cuffs, a bomber takes it roots from the military airmen. Later on, the jacket found its way into pop culture and has become one of the most popular outerwear for men. It has a cut and silhouette that’s universally flattering for any figure, even on women. It is not as heavy as a coat but still provides warmth and protection. This streetwear jacket easily elevates even the most basic pieces.


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Windbreakers are one of the biggest style statements in the 80s and 90s. Known for its bright, eye-catching multi-toned designs, these streetwear jackets offer so much, from style to function. Its durable outer shell protects from wind and rain, while keeping you looking stylish at the same time. This trend resurfaced a couple of years ago, surprising the public. It instantly became the unexpected new hot item on the fashion runways. Highly-influential celebrities like Kaia Gerber, Gigi Hadid and Hailey Baldwin quickly adapted the style, which made the trend even bigger. Windbreakers are the perfect statement piece to wear if you want to pull off cool streetwear vibes.

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