Founded at the start of 2019, DAYHYPE continues to flourish into a thriving and recognizable brand that merges an unparalleled approach to streetwear with the vitality and originality of rap, sports culture, and other pivotal movements. DAYHYPE opened its doors in 2019 with the goal of becoming one of the leading streetwear companies in the world. Situated in the bustling city of Melbourne, the store has continuously drawn attention and risen to become a hub of creativity that embodies the spirits of independence, integrity, originality, and street culture. With our unique aesthetic and quality craftsmanship, DAYHYPE has been dedicated to pushing the industry forward with the new era of like-minded creatives in it. 


We at DAYHYPE believe in high quality and exceptional customer service / satisfaction. DAYHYPE is renowned for the unrivalled quality goods we produce and also for the guarantee that our customers be wholly satisfied. We offer a premium selection of in-house and curated products that give you more than what you pay for. We only work with reliable suppliers and believe that shopping is a right- not a luxury. We take apart the walls of where brand-to-customer relationship begins and ends so that your experience stays completely unique. Our quality assurance team is second to none and carefully inspects every piece to ensure that they are handmade to perfection before sending them out to our customers.