4 of the Coolest Streetwear Jackets for Men That We Love

4 of the Coolest Streetwear Jackets for Men That We Love

Streetwear jackets for men are one of the most essential pieces in a streetwear wardrobe. If you are building a go-to wardrobe that you can rely on season after season, it is a must to invest in well-made outerwear.

Outerwear comes in many different forms – jackets, sweatshirts, coats, blazers and more. While the main purpose of outerwear is to protect the wearer from certain elements like cold, heat or rain, it has become so much more than that. Because we are all about elevating your style, we have listed out some of our favorite streetwear jackets for men that will give you an effortlessly cool vibe for days when you want to feel extra stylish.

Here are some of the coolest streetwear jackets for men:


Guy in cap wearing black parka.

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With its long and confident silhouette, the parka is a piece that commands attention. It has high functionality, since it is designed to withstand tough weather but its style is also unmatched. Of course, streetwear lovers enjoy its dual purpose. The parka has outperformed the classic trench coat in the streetwear movement. It has more edge, that instantly adds an interesting touch to even the most normcore outfit.


Denim jacket with a dog graphic design.

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Denim is a true all-around classic that is so easy to love. It comes in a variety of different styles – classic blues, acid wash, dark denims and more. Our favorite are the ones that are distressed, mixed in with graphic and artsy details. These perfectly embody the spirit and lifestyle of streetwear. Additionally, denim streetwear jackets for men are versatile pieces that can easily switch up to dressier moments. Choose jackets that have cool graphic and distressed details for a standout look.


White puffer jacket with graphic design.

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Just like the parka, puffer jackets also have great functionality, which make them such a great investment piece. These padded jackets are perfect for cold weather seasons, when you need a little insulation to keep you comfortable. Puffer jackets may be a tad bit more expensive than your typical hoodie but they are definitely built for performance. Going for a more edgy streetwear look? Choose puffer jackets with cool designs like gradients and other more graphic patterns.


Guy in purple windbreaker jacket.

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Windbreakers are popular streetwear jackets for men that can add major cool points to your look. This jacket style comes in many looks – from multicolors that have that hip retro vibe to more modern and edgy renditions. All of these are acceptable streetwear looks but we love the cutthroat finish of the edgy windbreaker that’s decorated with straps, buckles and maybe even some piercings. These details are perfect, if you are going for a cool and elevated streetwear vibe.

Love the streetwear jackets for men that we featured on this article? What is your go-to outerwear piece that you just can’t live without?

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