5 Biggest Trends in Streetwear for 2020

5 Biggest Trends in Streetwear for 2020

Here at DAYHYPE, we are always on the lookout for trends to constantly upgrade our style. Looking fresh is one our topmost priorities, so it is essential that we are aware of the trends in streetwear at all times. As the year unfolds, we’ve been seeing a lot of changes in the current trends. We welcome these shifts in fashion with open arms and are always excited to try new things!

The whole streetwear movement has definitely evolved from the confines of skater culture. In today’s modern era, you will easily notice trends in streetwear applied in mainstream fashion and even haute couture.

These are some of the biggest trends in streetwear for 2020 that you might want to try yourself:

Genderless Clothing

trends in streetwear for 2020

Over the years, genderless clothing has had a gradual growth in popularity. With inclusivity being such a hot topic these days, the movement has been adapted in the fashion world as well. Unisex clothing is definitely not a new thing. In fact, it has been around for a long time. However, these are mostly basic items like t-shirts and pants. The modern rendition of genderless clothing, however, plays on more details and blurs the gender lines. Several streetwear brands like Eckhaus, One DNA and Nicopandia have made great efforts in pushing for this trend.

Logos, Rough Graphics

Graphic artwork has always been one of the biggest trends in streetwear. This is one of the elements that defined the style back in the days. While in the past years, most graphic clothing featured amazing, detailed artwork, this year will be more about casual logos and art that have a handdrawn feel. The look has a very playful vibe, reflecting a DIY finish that looks unique and expressive.

Less Baggy Silhouettes

trends in streetwear for 2020

We have seen a resurgence of baggy clothing this decade, which brought some 90s era nostalgia. While the baggy fit is a staple in the hiphop and street culture, it will not be as popular anymore this year. Shifting away from baggy silhouettes, the spotlight will feature more straight cut and boxy silhouettes that is flattering to both men and women.

Interesting Accessories

Bolder accessories will be a big trend in streetwear this 2020. Streetwear culture has always been fond of interesting accessories – chain links, buckled accessories, hats and more. The right kind of accessory can make an outfit a lot cooler. This year, as bolder streetwear emerges, more avant-garde accessories will be seen. Chunkier links, bolder details and bigger buckles will be more visible.

Graphic Denim

trends in streetwear for 2020

Denim is another fabric that has always been one of the hottest trends in streetwear. It is one of those looks that are wearable season after season. This year’s denim clothing will have a little more graphic details – from bold letterings to cut-out patterns and spray paints. We can expect a little more of bold experimentations and out-of-the box looks.

This year, trends in streetwear will take a bolder turn. More unexpected looks and statement-making styles that will feed our eyes. So, don’t be afraid to level up your street style this 2020 and try out something that you've never worn before!

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