Are Cargo Pants Still Cool in 2020?

Are Cargo Pants Still Cool in 2020?

Are cargo pants in 2020 still a thing? If you always want to keep your style fresh, this is probably one of the questions that you are wondering about. In the fashion world, it is common for trends to come and go. One season everyone is so excited about a product, the next season it is dismissed so easily. If you are a fan of cargos, you’d be glad to know that yes – they are still cool.

Cargo pants are often associated with the 90s era, when fashion was all about baggy fitting pants and loose clothes. These were worn by everyone, from rock stars to hip hop fans, making it one of the defining fashion statements of the decade.

cargo pants in 2020

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While most of us remember cargo pants in the 90s, they actually have been around far longer. They first came out in the 1930s as uniforms of soldiers. The multi-pocket pants provided important storage so that the soldiers can easily access radios and ammunition.

Cargo pants in 2020 have evolved so much more than what they used to be. They are now more of a fashion statement. Of course, the pockets still come in handy. The utilitarian style has been very popular the past couple of years partly because of their functionality. People always find the deep pockets useful for storing essentials like mobile phones, wallet, hand sanitizers, etc. 

In terms of style, cargos have always been a staple in streetwear fashion. Not only are they on-trend, they are also super comfy. The loose fit allows the skin to breathe (unlike the skinny) but still flatters the figure. The modern cargo pants in 2020 have been re-imagined and are now available in a variety of styles. Toning down the extra baggy silhouette and distressed look, the cargos of this generation are versatile and more grown up, with slimmer silhouettes, quality fabrics like satin and a multitude of colors and patterns.

How to Wear Cargo Pants in 2020

Thanks to the countless of style options available nowadays, it is much easier to wear them. In the past, cargos were more popular for men and were also designed to have a very laid back vibe. The new era of cargos come in a wide range of styles for anyone who loves streetwear fashion.

Here’s how to update your cargo pants game this year:

For Women

cargo pants in 2020 for women

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Cargo pants in 2020 come in different designs for all kinds of women. There are basic blacks and khakis to sexy high-waist pieces that are designed to flatter the feminine figure. High waisted cargo pants are a hot trend in streetwear fashion. This displays the perfect mix of street style and feminine flair. Pair this with a cropped top to show off your waist and chunky soled boots or sneakers. Finish with a belt to define the waist.

For Men

cargo pants in 2020 for men

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If you would like a more updated cargo pants look, go for the slimmer silhouette. Cargo pants for men now also come in designs that are tapered around the ankles - not too skinny but still more fitted. Baggy cargos are a classic but tapered cargo pants offer a fresh look that’s a little more edgy and current. Try out patterned fabrics and multi-toned designs for a more interesting and eye-catching look. Finish with your favorite pair of sneakers.

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