Best Hats to Wear with Casual Outfits

Best Hats to Wear with Casual Outfits

Accessories are an important part of an outfit. They can make or break your whole look. One of the most important accessories in streetwear are hats. The best hats can complement your clothes and sometimes, they can even be the star of the whole look.

Casual outfits, when styled right, can go from drab to cool. Even those basic tee-and-jeans combos that you wear all the time can turn into a whole new look that’s worthy of the runways. Sometimes, all it takes, is the right mix of accessories.

So, let’s discuss hats – the popular accessory that has been loved for many generations. Hats have been around for hundreds of years, with roots from Ancient Greece and Egypt. There are three main reasons people love wearing hats: protection, status and vanity. Even to this day, these reasons still hold true. Hats provide protection, can be a display of status and enhance your look.

Here are three of the best hats to style your streetwear outfits with:

Baseball Cap

best hats baseball cap

The baseball cap is a classic accessory that has was once used as a sports uniform. Characterized by its curved bill and six panel design, the baseball cap gives a snug fit on the head and a simple style that can easily be worn with pretty much any casual outfit.

Over the years, the baseball cap has gotten even better. Construction has improved and it is now available in a wider range of colors and styles. Now, the best hats have a more modern design that showcase culture, graphic arts and cool logos.

Bucket Hats

best hats bucket hat

With a unique shape and structure, the bucket hat has had many controversial moments in fashion. Not everyone is a fan but until now, it is still one of the most fashionable and popular hat styles, especially in streetwear.

This style was first seen in the ‘60s as part of the mod movement. It has fallen out of the scene many times but it manages to come back every time. These days, one of the best hats in streetwear is bucket hats. It can be a little challenging to wear and some may still not be comfortable with its bold, distinguishable shape but if you manage to pull off the look, it can definitely earn you major street cred.

Today, bucket hats have reached high fashion too. They have evolved from the typical retro styles to more serious pieces in muted colors that now look more grown up, perfect for dressier getups. 


best hats beanie

In the past, beanies were mostly used for utilitarian purposes by skiers, fishermen and labor workers. In the 1970s, it became more of a fashion statement and were super popular with the alternative movement. Beanies were also big in the era of the 90s and were associated with the casual, grunge look.

Its continuous rise in popularity has convinced brands to give it a more luxurious makeover. Now, fashion houses like Louis Vuitton and Gucci now carry beanies in their catalogues. In streetwear fashion, beanies are a staple. These cosy pieces are some of the best hats you can pair with your cool streetwear.

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