Crocs Are Back on Trend in 2020

Crocs Are Back on Trend in 2020

In one of the biggest surprises of 2020 (as if we need more!), Crocs are now back on the spotlight. The controversial shoe, which has received much hate in the past, has now been labeled one of the “It” shoes of the year.

How did this happen? It wasn’t too long ago when Crocs seemed to be on the bottom of the fashion ladder. The then-uncool shoes even inspired a viral phrase “What are those?”, which was meant to ridicule those who were wearing them.


Takashi Murakami X Crocs multicolored sandals.

photo: @crocs

You probably didn’t know that crocs were originally made as a boating shoe. Created by Lyndon ‘Duke’ Hanson, Crocs made their first debut at the 2002 Fort Lauderdale Boat Show. The unique clog-shaped shoe is made of EVA foam and is known to be durable but comfortable.

Because of its practical non-slip design and reported medical benefits, the shoe became super popular in the medical field. So much so that it became the uniform for chefs, nurses and doctors. While it may be a big hit among professionals who are always on their feet, the shoes were quite the misfit in the fashion world. People either loved or hate Crocs. There was no in between.

Fast forward to 2020 and the whole world is on lockdown. Crocs have managed to resurface, coming back with a vengeance. The company has been elevating their status slowly year after year. A couple of years ago, the brand started partnering with some of the coolest big names in the fashion and music industry including Balenciaga, Alife, Post Malone, Takashi Murakami, Justin Bieber and even KFC.

Paper magazine cover with Crocs X KFC collab shoes worn by model.

photo: @crocs

With all the ambitious collabs and big marketing, the brand had a clear message – they were more than just a practical footwear to be seen as a laughable novelty item. This bold move made them more relevant in the streetwear scene. Crocs now shifted their focus to catering to high fashion and the streetwear market, where their unique and expressive style is embraced.

Crocs Jibbitz with multicolored socks.

photo: @crocs

The brand successfully elevated their status and made their clogs the most cool uncool fashion item of the year! We’re foreseeing that the loveable clogs are just going to get bigger and better in the next years to come. Whether you like Crocs or not, be ready because you will be seeing a lot more of them on streets and on the runways.

What are your thoughts on this fashion trend? Will you be wearing Crocs with your streetwear getup? These colorful clogs will definitely add an interesting touch to your streetwear look!

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