Hot Streetwear Trends In 2021

It’s a fresh new year! Fresh new looks are on the runways too! Everyone is just glad that 2020 is over and we can now look forward to a better year and of course, new streetwear trends in 2021. Streetwear continues to dominate the fashion world. This look has transcended in a major way and it continues to evolve, giving streetwear fans everywhere much to be glad about.

We’re sure you’ve spent a lot of time indoors last year, just like everyone else. You are probably dying to go out and show off your new fits. Well, with vaccines rolling out, we are hopeful that this new year will be a lot better. Get ready for a more fashion-forward year!

Here are the hottest streetwear trends in 2021 to add to your closet:


DAYHYPE Dino Knit Sweater.

DAYHYPE Dino Bear Burger Sweater

Because of quarantine, people have realized the importance of loungewear. Sure, we’ve always had tracksuits and sweats but the streetwear trend in 2021 will focus more on comfortable fabrics that are easy to lounge in. Cozy fabrics like sherpa, fleece, shearling and corduroy will be among the ones that will be popular. These fabrics can work whether you are quarantine inside or going outdoors. Comfort is front and center this year!

Slippers and Sliders

Birkenstock sandals with socks.


Just like the loungewear trend above, this one is also inspired by quarantine life. Slippers and sliders provide the comfort and ease that everyone is going for right now. Sneakers will still be big, of course — they are a classic! But expect more slippers and sliders to get in the scene too. Comfy slip-ons paired with mid-high socks are choice footwear for this year.


We’ve already seen gender-neutral elements last year but this year, it will be even bigger. This is great news because it will be easier to shop or even borrow clothing from your boyfriend or girlfriend. It looks like fashion is gearing towards breaking gender stereotypes. Oversized hoodies and drop-crotch joggers are more than welcome for both men and women.

Varsity Jackets

Sporty looks have always been a staple in the streetwear genre. It is something that we will never get tired to see or wear. One of the streetwear trends in 2021 that will be seen everywhere are varsity jackets. We’ve already been seeing these being circulated by some of the biggest streetwear brands but we’re expecting it will be more mainstream this year. Varsity jackets have that commercial appeal and versatility that makes it easy to become a hit trend.

Utilitarian Adventure

DAYHYPE stocked puffer jacket in green and beige.

DAYHYPE Stocked Puffer Jacket

Maybe because people were cooped up at home for such a long time, there is a certain longing for adventure. Everyone’s itching to go back to the great outdoors and have adventures. This will be reflected in fashion as well. From bucket hats and windbreakers to Wellington boots, adventure-themed pieces that will make you want to go hiking or fishing will be on the runways and on the streets.

Patterns and Patchwork

Guy in a black shirt and plaid jacket on the streets.

Plaid patterns have always been a cool staple in streetwear clothing. Depending on the styling, it can be rugged or preppy. Patterns and patchwork will be popular streetwear trends in 2021. There has been a surge in popularity of crafting and sustainability, so patched up designed will be right on trend for the year.

These are just some of the hot streetwear trends in 2021 that we can look forward to. There will surely be more trends to pop-up, as they usually do. And we're definitely ready for them! 

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