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August 23, 2020 2 min read

Remember the times when tracksuits were considered to be in the bottom of the fashion food chain? Seems so long ago when people looked down on tracksuits, right? Nowadays, trendsetters and celebrities are the first ones who endorse tracksuit fashion.

In streetwear fashion, tracksuits have been a staple for a long time. These coordinates have always been well loved in streetwear because they are great representations of the hip hop culture. Not to mention, tracksuits are always designed to be super comfy! Who doesn’t want to wear tracksuits all day?

Girl in yellow tracksuit with white boots.

The tracksuit trend in 2020 has a more elevated style, which totally fits modern streetwear fashion. It is less laid back and more thought out now. If you want to look good in a tracksuit, here are some style tips to follow:

Invest in good quality and fit

If you want a more grown up streetwear style, it is essential to invest in good quality items. Cheap tracksuits that are ill-fitting can make you look like a slob. Alternatively, tracksuits that were made well can elevate your street style. When it comes to fit, it is best to veer away from sweats and tracksuits that are too loose. Instead, choose those that have a snug-but-comfy tapered fit for a more refined look.

Dress it up

You heard us right, dress it up! Tracksuits are no longer synonymous to doing sports or lounging around the house. In fact, a dressed up track suit was a popular look in recent fashion weeks. Many fashionistas have adapted this style and turned it into something new. To dress up a tracksuit, layer it with a coat or a blazer. The tailored lines of a coat will balance out the tracksuit and give it a more streamlined look. Finish with a pair of high heels and a nice clutch and you are ready for fashion week!

Match well

Man wearing Nike tracksuit.

The key to looking good in a tracksuit is wearing pieces that are well thought out. Go for coordinating tracksuits in just one color and layer them with outerwear that complements the color. If you are wearing too many colors, it will look like you put on random pieces together. There are many streetwear brands out there that carry stylish, coordinating tracksuits that have the monochrome look.

Finish with cool kicks

Person wearing white Nike Air Force sneakers.

The best way to finish any streetwear outfit is, of course, to pair it with the coolest kicks. All streetwear fans and sneakerheads know how important shoes are to a streetwear ensemble. If you want to look mature and refined, go for classics like Adidas Stan Smith’s or Oliver Cabell plimsolls. Have money to splurge? Go for statement designer sneakers from Balenciaga, Gucci or Zanotti. These high fashion labels all carry cool streetwear sneakers that would add flare to your tracksuit style.

Wearing a tracksuit in 2020 maybe a little bit different than in the past decades but it will always be a cool and staple streetwear choice. Follow our simple style tips and we promise your streetwear tracksuit style will be elevated.

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