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September 19, 2020 2 min read

We are living in an era where there are countless of fashion trends that pop up every season. While seasonal pieces easily come and go, there’s one trend that has stolen the hearts of many – 90s streetwear fashion. From Calvin Kleins to baggy jeans, there’s something about the fashion in this era that will always be relevant.

Girl in 90s streetwear fashion holding a Gameboy console.

The 90s decade was defined by fashion that was easily wearable and comfortable. A big change from the over-the-top styles that were so big in the 80s. During the 90s, baggy pants and bucket hats ruled the streets. Hip hop also peaked during this time and every big name rapper and hip-hop group were sporting streetwear clothing.

While the eventful decade of the 90s seem so long ago, it is still relevant until now, especially when it comes to 90s streetwear fashion. Top models and trend-setting celebrities have been rocking 90s streetwear fashion for the past couple of years, putting the trend right back on the spotlight again.

If you love 90s fashion as much as we do, here are some tips to pull off this look in these modern times.

Don’t overdo it.

First of all, you don’t have to prove your love and loyalty to the 90s era with head-to-toe vintage 90s pieces. Unless you are off to a themed party, it is best to wear the trend carefully. Choose iconic pieces like a bucket hat or baggy blue jeans and wear them with modern pieces to create an updated look.

Wear popular 90s brands.

There are a couple of brands that were so big in the 90s that when you see them, you are immediately hit with nostalgia. Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfliger and Ralph Lauren were three of the most popular labels during the 90s. Choose pieces from these brands that sport the iconic logos and your whole outfit will instantly get that 90s makeover.

Denim never fails.

Guy in 90s streetwear fashion denim overalls and white shirt.

Here’s another signature look of the 90s – denim. Denim is a classic and has been around long before the 90s but because it became extremely popular during the era, it has become synonymous to 90s fashion. When shopping for denim jackets or denim jeans, go for lighter wash options. This has a more casual and retro feel than dark wash denims.

Keep your hair modern.

Bowl cuts, middle-parted hair and bleach-blonde tips should be left in the past, where they belong. To avoid looking outdated and awkward, keep your hairstyle modern. Remember, that a full-on 90s look can be too much, so it is always best to do trends like these sparingly.

Go grunge.

Girl in the middle of the road wearing flannel shirt and 90s streetwear fashion.

Aside from hip-hop outfits, the grunge look is another popular trend during this era. You can achieve a 90s inspired grunge look with items like graphic band tees, distressed denims and oversized flannel shirts. Strut with confidence because these will have you feeling like a 90s rockstar.

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