Men’s Streetwear Trends to Try in 2020

Men’s Streetwear Trends to Try in 2020

Men’s streetwear fashion has become one of the biggest trends in the last couple of years. In the past, men’s streetwear style was more laid back but things changed pretty rapidly. Now, it has evolved into more elevated fashion and the trend continues to dominate the fashion industry.

There is a myriad of new styles for every kind of taste, from the classic baggy looks to the haute couture designs by high fashion labels. Upgrade your style by staying on top of the trends. Here are some tips to help you step out in style this year.


Shorts are slowly gaining more and more popularity. They are super easy to wear and also very comfortable. Of course, it is important to choose the right pair of shorts. Men’s streetwear shorts need to be a little bit edgier, with interesting details and texture. Shorts that are too polished will look too dressy and will be more smart casual than streetwear.

Camo print

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Camouflage patterns have been around for a long time but it will always be cool. Inspired by the military lifestyle, the camo print is one of the men’s streetwear trends that will remain a staple. Camo patterns are often applied on cargo pants but if you want to take the print a step further, wear the print as outerwear or as an accessory. Or if you are feeling up for it, wear camo prints in brighter colorways and not the usual black and green style.

Pocket details

Details are crucial to make a men’s streetwear outfit look more interesting. Without the right mix of details, your outfit can look boring. This time, for men’s streetwear fashion in 2020, pockets are a big thing. Pockets are not only stylish, they also add practical function to your outfit. The bigger the pockets, the cooler your outfit will look. Key pieces to add to your wardrobe include hooded cargo jackets and safari jackets that have that luxe utilitarian look.

Retro style

Pulling inspiration from the past decades is a hot look for 2020. The fashion world is always up for a little nostalgia. Items with an influence of the 90s decade like baggy pants, oversized tees and bucket hats are still relevant this year. The 80s decade also became pretty big this year, so you can expect to see 80s-inspired fashion on the streets. One of the micro-trends to try out are collared shirts that have that cool retro vibe.

Bleached and dyed

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Streetwear is big on self expression. This is why bleached and dyed designs are so appealing. This year, items that have a general vibe of homespun, personalized fashion will be on trend. Aside from the bleached and dyed look, clothing with handmade graphic art are also stealing the spotlight. Elevate your men’s streetwear fashion in 2020 with a pair of tie-dyed coordinates that will stand out on the streets.

What do you think of these men's streetwear trends? Will you be wearing them this year?


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