Sexy, Streetwear Skirts for Women

Sexy, Streetwear Skirts for Women

In the past, streetwear fashion was mostly dominated by men. The movement was started by surfers and skaters who loved the laid back lifestyle. As streetwear became popular in the urban community, the trend was adapted by more people from different lifestyles. Streetwear for women slowly rose and made its mark too.

These days, streetwear for women come in a variety of different looks for all different types of girls. While the most popular street style are a combination of athleisure and utilitarian details, a lot of women are now experimenting with other styles that they can incorporate in their ensembles. 

If you are bored with the usual track pants and cropped tee combo, you might want to throw in a touch of sexy styling in your outfit. Keep in mind, though, that urban streetwear is not the frilly kind of sexy. Because this genre favors comfort and edge, it is important that the pieces still fit into the category.

Unlike the usual trendy skirts in fashion, there are certain details to look out for when shopping for streetwear skirts. Before you start spending your hard-earned money, make sure you are buying the right things! Here’s what you need to look out for:


black streetwear skirt for women

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Street style is big on buckles. Whether it’s a pair of cargo pants or a chest rig accessory, buckle details instantly make a clothing piece street-worthy. The simple addition of buckled pockets on a skirt will make it look more edgy and will also make your pockets more secure.


Think buckles are too bulky? Zipper details have less bulk but are just as cool. Aside from that edgy vibe, zippers also allow for easier closure so you won’t have to waste time fidgeting with buttons and clips. We love multiple zipper details on streetwear skirts for women that have unique design and placements.


holographic skirt for women

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If you are going for a fashion-forward look, choose fabrics that stand out. A plain-colored cotton skirt will be too boring for streetwear. Take your look a step further with skirts that have personality, like reflective fabrics. The holographic design is one of the biggest trends in streetwear for women. The eye-catching design is a statement look that will make your ensemble a lot more interesting.


Unless you want to tone down your look, plain skirts don’t really have much appeal in streetwear fashion. Skirts with cool patterns and graphic details are your best bet to look fresh and updated. You can go for popular patterns such as camo and checks or try out graphic prints that express your mood and personality.


pleated skirt for women

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Streetwear for women is sometimes mistakenly labeled as boyish or too rugged. There is really no rule stating that you always have to be in track pants or loose shirts. You can also add flirty, feminine pieces to make your look spicier. Pleated skirts are our go-to choice for sexy, streetwear skirts for women. They have the perfect silhouette to flatter a woman’s figure.

Look for these details the next time you go shopping for skirts and you can be sure your purchase will be worth it. These skirts are staples that will be easy to mix and match with your every day streetwear wardrobe.

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