Skinny vs. Baggy: Which is Cooler?

Skinny vs. Baggy: Which is Cooler?

Skinny pants or baggy pants – which look is cooler? There has always been a debate surrounding these two favorite styles but until now, it has not been completely settled yet. The topic is more relevant than ever, now that there are so many new kind of pants in the game. So, let’s discuss!

skinny pants vs. baggy pants

First of all, the fit of your pants can define the vibe of your whole outfit, so this detail should never be taken for granted. Sometimes, even a few inches off on the hems can completely turn an otherwise good look to something that’s really awkward.

Trends can quickly switch up. It is normal for a style to be celebrated by everyone and then be shunned in a minute. Typically, when a trend’s time in the spotlight has dwindled down, we are usually so quick to move on to the next one. In the case of skinny pants or baggy pants, however, things can be a little complicated. Both of these styles have developed a good following and are still super popular, so it can be really hard to decide which one is cooler.

Let’s take a closer look at the two popular pants styles and do a little comparison, shall we?


skinny pants vs. baggy pants

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The skinny fit entered mainstream fashion in 2010 and pretty much took over the world. Skinny jeans became such a big hit and the trend caught on and spread very quickly. Skinny jeans for women were the “It” fashion item and they remained popular for a very long time. Because it was so popular, even the men wanted to get in on the trend. Skinny jeans for men eventually became a hot trend too.

This kind of style is not only for denim jeans. The skinny fit is also applied on different kinds of fabrics and turned into skinny nylon jogger pants, skinny khakis and more.

A couple of years ago, we noticed that the skinny trend finally started to subside a bit. In fact, many have completely sworn off skinny jeans. But while they may have gone down a couple of spots in the popularity meter, it still remains to be a closet staple in 2020.



skinny pants vs. baggy pants

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Baggy pants were one of the hottest trends of the 1990s. The look made quite a statement on the streets on was embraced by those who loved the casual lifestyle. Born in an era where hip-hop was super popular, baggy-fitting pants became almost synonymous to hop-hop culture. Not everyone was a big fan of the laid-back look though, and it definitely received a lot of hate too.

The baggy, oversized look kind of disappeared by the time the 2000s came and was replaced by the skinny fit, which ended up hogging the spotlight for a good decade.

Fast forward to 2020 and baggy pants have gained steam once again. The modern version of baggy pants is a little more polished, compared to its 1990s predecessor. People were a little surprised at first to see the oversized pants get popular again but the new and refreshed look was impressive and became easily lovable.

Right now, the baggy pants have a little more of an edge over skinny pants. But with the history of fashion trends being recirculated after a couple of years, we won’t be surprised if skinny jeans make a comeback again in the near future.

The skinny pants vs. baggy pants debate may never be fully settled because we still love both of them. Which do you like better?

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