Street Style Inspiration from Celebrities

Whenever we need to see some new fashion looks, we check out celebrities for style inspiration. Celebrities definitely have a lot of perks in fashion. Not only do they have connections with the hottest fashion brands, they also usually get first dibs on the newest releases. A lot of the celebs we look up to have also established their own streetwear fashion brands.

If you are looking for some streetwear fashion inspo, here are three celebs who have some of the best street style game:

Kanye West



Whether you like him or not, there’s one thing that we can all agree on – Kanye’s street style is top notch. Being the founder of popular streetwear brand Yeezy, the rapper definitely has major game. The Yeezy brand’s aesthetic is mostly centered on a lot of neutral colorways, utilitarian details and minimal design.

Kanye often wears his own brand when going out. He definitely loves self promo! In the photo above, Ye was pictured wearing a Yeezy Season 3 Shearling Coat, which he paired with Ralph Lauren Camouflage Cargos and Yeezy Military Crepe Boots. This look is very Yeezy and very Kanye – high-end streetwear fashion that showcases a cool, military-inspired style.

Justin Bieber



While Kanye’s look is muted and a little polished, Justin Bieber’s street style is vibrant and playful. In 2018, the pop superstar founded a new clothing line named ‘Drew’. The fashion house is meant to inspire happiness and encourage people to be comfortable with their casual style. The identifying element, which you’ve probably seen is a yellow smiley face.

Justin Bieber has been photographed numerous times sporting Drew ensembles, which you can spot a mile away. With bright colors and cartoonish graphic prints, Drew clothing has a very distinct look that’s very hard to miss. The price range is surprisingly inexpensive, considering the line is attached to one of the biggest pop stars of this generation. Its affordability is a big part of its appeal.




Another powerhouse name in streetwear fashion is Rihanna Fenty, who successfully built an empire around her name. The Fenty brand showcases bold styles, bright colors and interesting silhouettes that represent strong and refined streetwear fashion. The brand is also popular for its inclusivity movement. It made waves after people saw that its runway shows featured women of different sizes, colors and ethnicity, breaking the norms of high fashion.

Rihanna’s style also reflects strongly in the Fenty brand. The superstar does sexy streetwear fashion so effortlessly! She often mixes comfortable pieces with sexy elements to balance out her look. In the photo, Riri poses in a cozy Fenty sweater and elevates her streetwear look with a flared leather pants from the brand. She finishes the outfit with a beautiful pair of mint green Fenty heels. The perfect mix of luxury and street fashion!

Which of the celebrity styles below did you love the most? Any other celebrity street styles that you love?

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Me honestly I love a combination of all three. Sophisticated, yet edgy with hints of street wear of course and he most important thing. Comfortable. Mee

Leon Reano December 18, 2020

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